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  • 16/03/2022
  • Sweet Box Milk Tea – Bringing the quintessence of Shan Tuyet tea to every family

    Tea is a familiar drink to Vietnamese people with many effects for physical and mental health, is a pleasure, is a traditional culture of the nation since ancient times.

    In particular, the ancient Shan Tuyet tea - a precious old tea, makes tea-loving souls nostalgic for its light taste and subtle scent. However, because this is a precious tea with low output and high price, not all people can taste it.

    With the desire to bring tea lovers a safe and delicious drink, Sweet Box Milk Tea brand has launched many levels of Shan Tuyet tea products to serve many customer needs. With a delicious, intense flavor, guaranteed quality from modern production lines, ensuring food hygiene and safety.

    Every cup of tea is the essence

    As tea lovers and passionate about their homeland, the leadership team of Sweet Box Milk Tea always sets out the goal of bringing the highest quality products to consumers, so that every cup of tea is the essence of tea. drug, distilling the value of nature and the enthusiasm of the tea maker. Therefore, Sweet Box Milk Tea selects the best bud tea from the ancient Shan Tuyet trees of Tan Xa Phin in Ha Giang. The tea undergoes skillful and meticulous production steps to create a delicate delicious taste, subtle aroma, and sweet taste.

    Customers when experiencing shan Tuyet tea of ​​Sweet Box Milk Tea are delighted to enjoy clean, old tea, satisfied and delighted with the rich flavor of lullabies, the quality of tea and tea. Feel the essence and value of the tea-drinking pleasure that the nation has kept for hundreds of years.

    Modern production technology

    Respecting the special value of ancient Shan Tuyet tea, Sweet Box Milk Tea focuses on investing in modern production lines. Not only does it increase yield, it also treats tea leaves more efficiently and ensures uniform quality. Sweet Box Milk Tea uses clean technology lines of Taiwan and Japan, Shan Tuyet tea is produced by a modern station system, Sweet Box Milk Tea's Shan Tuyet tea products always satisfy customers with quality. High quality, ensuring food hygiene and safety.

    The brand is committed to not using preservatives, harmful chemicals or mixing poor quality teas into the product. Each teapot delivered to customers is 100% ancient Shan Tuyet tea, produced from the Hoang Su Phi heritage tea area, Ha Giang.

    Reputation has been recognized

    With serious investment, enthusiasm and certain contributions to the tea industry. In 2013, Sweet Box Milk Tea was honored to receive 2 titles "For the development of Vietnam's tea industry" awarded by VINATAS. This is a title for individuals and groups with over 20 years of dedication to the development of the country's tea industry. The title is also a recognition of the brand's dedication and enthusiasm to the tea leaves of the homeland.

    Products of Sweet Box Milk Tea also meet current prestigious criteria such as HCACP, Organic, ISO.

    Sweet Box Milk Tea won 2 3-star and 4-star OCOP titles in 2019 and 2020

    Currently, Sweet Box Milk Tea is a tea brand that is loved by many organic teas and is present in many supermarkets, shops, and the products have all been well received by consumers.

    Professional, comprehensive service

    Not only interested in product quality, Sweet Box Milk Tea also values ​​customer experience when choosing brand's products. When customers have a need to buy tea, the staff will carefully advise on the type, quantity, price and how to receive the goods. Thanks to that, customers can conveniently shop for tea in any province. In addition, after buying tea, if the experience is not satisfied, the customer can request a return, Sweet Box Milk Tea will proceed to exchange it for you. Shan Tuyet tea is a priceless gift that nature best Gifted to Vietnam, it has not only delicious taste but also high health value.

    If you want to enjoy this specialty with quintessential taste, come to Sweet Box Milk Tea to own high quality, clean, safe teapots at the most favorable prices. At Sweet Box Milk Tea Shan Tuyet tea reaches high value. With more than 25 years of tradition, we bring to our customers special and satisfactory teas. The best in Shan Tuyet tea area, Ha Giang heritage

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